Since 1979, ROBAM have been the pioneer of high extraction rangehood. We have dedicated our research and development to high performance range hoods tailored to removing the smoke, grease and odour associated with Asian cooking.

With over 100 patented product technologies, ROBAM now sets the benchmark in high performance rangehoods and has become the model of China’s high end manufacturing, winning for 9 consecutive years as Asia’s 500 most influential brands.


ROBAM Gen 5 Hurricane sets a new benchmark in high performance rangehood innovation with an unprecedented airflow generated from a single quiet brushless DC motor.


Equipped with an easy to clean filter system combined with the latest nano electrophoresis technology keeping the internal chamber maintenance free.

Easy to use

The new impeller-type fan blades increase the amount of air, speed up the circulation or not air, and ensure the balance or not air In the cavity.


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"Our Most Powerful Rangehood Yet"

G E N 4

Powerful Built-in Centralised Filtering System

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Ultra Powerful Rangehood

This tridimensional concept is kept consistent throughout the design of the rangehood, from the uniquely angled facade that flows seemlessly to the matching glass panel to our new filter design that acts as a extension to increase the capture chamber depth allowing for a greater, more efficient smoke removal.

Inspired by one of the greatest monuments of the world, the iron laced Eiffel Tower stand as a reminder of the ever-evolving capabilities of innovative engineering.

creative concepts

Fully enclosed structure design, no openings in the faceplate and bottom shell, to prevent soup and food residue from falling into the cavity of the stove, and to prevent all kinds of small insects from crawling into the inside of the stove, so no mildew and breeding of bacteria will occur, easy to clean, easy to use.

Air Intake and combustion process are completed on the panel, effectively eliminate the phenomenon of tempering.

design & deploy

3D dimensional cleaning. One piece body with overall cleaning and drying. 2 sets of spray arms with 25 high speed hydraulic pressure holes, sterilizing and killing bacteria thouroughly.

360° overall cleaning of heavy stubborn stains, much cleaner than hand washing. 25 High speed hydraulic pressure holes 2 Sets of efficient spray arms

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To create the human life of the kitchen all the good longing.

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